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Trailer Pack v2.1 By Faelandaea (1.49.x) for ATS

21-01-2024, 16:41
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Trailer Pack v2.1 By Faelandaea (1.49.x) for ATS
Category - American Trailers
Game Version - v1.49.x
Credits: -
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Reason: Mod Updated to v2.1

Description about « Trailer Pack v2.1 By Faelandaea (1.49.x) for ATS »:

Download mod Trailer Pack v2.1 By Faelandaea (1.49.x) for ATS | American Truck Simulator game.

Trailer Pack - this pack includes a variety of trailers that will help you haul a wide range of cargo across the highways of America. You'll be able to transport everything from dry goods to heavy machinery with these trailers. One of the most popular trailers in the pack is the flatbed trailer. It's perfect for carrying oversized loads that would be too big for a standard enclosed trailer. You'll also find enclosed trailers that are great for transporting fragile cargo, as well as a tanker trailer for liquid goods. All of the trailers in the pack have been carefully crafted with realistic details and textures, so you'll feel like you're really hauling cargo across the country. They also come with multiple paint and accessory options, so you can customize them to your liking.

Pack Includes:
- Utility 3000R-----------------DONE
- Utility 4000D-X--------------DONE
- Great Dane Everest-------DONE
- Great Dane Champion---IN PROGRESS
- Hyundai Composite®-----DONE
- Hyundai Thermotech®---DONE

Changes in v2.1:
- Paintable Rear Inspection Door
 - Customizable decals for front corners

Tested on game version 1.49.x 

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Trailer Pack v2.1 By Faelandaea (1.49.x) for ATS Trailer Pack v2.1 By Faelandaea (1.49.x) for ATS Trailer Pack v2.1 By Faelandaea (1.49.x) for ATS Trailer Pack v2.1 By Faelandaea (1.49.x) for ATS Trailer Pack v2.1 By Faelandaea (1.49.x) for ATS Trailer Pack v2.1 By Faelandaea (1.49.x) for ATS Trailer Pack v2.1 By Faelandaea (1.49.x) for ATS Trailer Pack v2.1 By Faelandaea (1.49.x) for ATS
Changes in v2.0 (1.48.x):
- UV Mapping on RIGHT Tanstex Sideskirt for both Great Dane Champion and Everest

- Fully customizable reefer unit
- Blinkers are now their own independent accessory and no longer attached to sideskirts
- More inspection door options on SMOOTH chrome doors.
- Options for front of trailer for document holders and registration storage.
- Painted/Black/White options for all sideskirts
- Michelin Energy Guard splash guards
- Custom and additional options for solid splash guards
- Diamond doors for chrome.
- You can now REMOVE the "ribs" from the sides (corrugated paneling) to make a "smoothwall" variant.
Download #2 | Download #3

Changes in v1.9 (1.48.x):
- Great Dane Champion Bumpers had incorrect size of crossbeam. Fixed.
- Texture shadow AO issue on Great Dane Champion doors. Fixed.
- Utility 3000R Roll Door Bumper AO Fixed.
- Even though the mudflaps worked, the Hyundai Composite for some reason had Great Dane titles. Fixed.

- Gutted out Great Dane Champion and Everest tandems and installed Hendrickson Suspension System.
- This makes it official. ALL of my trailers in this pack now use the Hendrickson Suspension System.
- Mudflap node and flap positions adjusted to match the Hendrickson system.
- This is only important to those of you who may have added custom mudflap models to the node.
Download #2 | Download #3

Changes in v1.8:
- Cross members and main chassis of the Hyundai trailers no longer distorted. The cross members as a result go cleanly across the floor into the body fram as expected.

- Michelin Energy Guard package added to all trailers.
- Black and White versions of ALL sideskirts, fairings and trailer tails added in case the user does not wish their sideskirt to be "painted".
- TransTex sideskirts added to trailers that did not have them. Note: Utility excluded since utility has their own unique sideskirts.
- Stainless Steel front option added for the Utility 4000D-X
- Front Corner Decal option added for the Great Dane Champion

- Took "Front Corners" option out of all default configurations. They can still be added, but they appeared to bother some users by appearing by default (even though they could always be removed).
- Stainless Steel door option added for the Hyundai Composite Dry Van

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- Extract it with Winrar or Winzip program;

- Copy files with extension .scs file(s) into your My Documents/American Truck Simulator/mod folder;

- Run game ~> Edit profile ~> Enable mod.

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