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ATS Mods » Trucks ATS » Volvo VNL » Volvo VNL 670 for ATS v1.2

Volvo VNL 670 for ATS v1.2

25-02-2016, 21:13
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Volvo VNL 670 for ATS v1.2
Category - Volvo VNL
Game Version - v1.1.1.x
Credits: - aradeth

Description about « Volvo VNL 670 for ATS v1.2 »:

Changelog v1.2
*Half Fenders(Standart, Chrome and Skinnable/Paint)
*Side Mirrors(Chrome, Paint, Plastic)
*Main Mirrors(Chrome, Plastic, Skinnable/Paint)
*Seperated left/right Bonnet Mirrors(3 types)
*Bug Shields(Chrome, Glass, Plastic/Skinnable)
*Headlights(Chrome, Plastic, Skinnable/Paint)
*Windows Decals(Windshield and side windows)(Thanks to ohaha for the material)
*Bottomgrill and sidebar(Paint, Chrome, Without bar)
*Slots on rear bumper(4 variations, old reverse and combo lights added as an accessory)
*A roofgrill without the bar(25+ slots)
*Sideskirts(Long, short with tanks and with chrome stripes)
*Back cab slots
*Front Bumpers(With/without fog lights and plastic/chrome stripe)
*Front/Back Licence Plate Holders(Light/Nolight and WOT/Custom variants)

-Added 4 new standalone interior with reworked materials.
-The dashboard is real HD now, every tiny piece on the dashboard texture
made from scratch.
-Added some missing indicators.
-Reflection of the dashboard glass reduced, thanks to Smarty.
-Dynafleet and tachometer buttons and screens have backlights now.

-Added new sounds of Volvo, Caterpillar, (even if the Volvo don't have a Cat engine, the sound is nice), Paccar, and Cummins N14 by Kriechbaum.
-Edited gear boxes and engines with proper and realistics values and prices by Kriechbaum.
-Added new d13 and d16 engines with stock sounds from VNL780, thanks to Nado.
-Made the revometer accurate (rpms) by Kriechbaum, thanks.

-3 new lowered chassis with proper collisions and shadows.
-Fixed overall collisions.
-Reworked front grill logo.
-All flares and lightmasks fixed/reworked.
-Added interior cabin light(Press "O")
-Added VNL670 sidelight as an accessory, so you can use it on other slots.
-Added some more accessories from ohaha's mods, thanks.
-Trailer hook point lowered a bit, again.
-Proper workshop icons(Thanks to ETS2Studio) and interior views of accessories.
-A lot of mesh, texture, def fixed.
-Reworked templates.

Changelog v1.1

- It's converted from Martinezio's v1.24, so it has all additional stuffs of v1.24,
- Polygon count of the truck model decreased by 60%, there is no more yellow error log and
you will have more FPS,
- Replaced EU backbumper with US style backbumper. It has skinnable mudflaps(template included),
- Added some more ETS2 vanilla accessories,
- Reflection reduced compared to ETS 2 version,
- It has a truck template for skinning by Rene-Gad,
- Front mudflaps and a lightbox with roofgrill added from Volvo FH2013 [ohaha], thank you very much generous ohaha.
- Some model, flare, def, material, hook point, shadow corrections have been made.
* Known bug: The wipers don't have an animation from exterior view(If somebody can fix that i'll be so glad.)


Aradeth, Martinezio, Ventyres, ZilpZalp, Nordisch, cZak, Samson, Scania124L, loogie, kamaz aka, Snekko, TruckManiac, Peerke 145, vovangt4 ,AU44, Big Bob, ohaha, kriechbaum

*If you have problem with upgrading from 1.1 to 1.2 sell your truck, deactivate v1.1.

Then activate new v1.2 and buy the truck again smile

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Volvo VNL 670 for ATS v1.2 Volvo VNL 670 for ATS v1.2 Volvo VNL 670 for ATS v1.2 Volvo VNL 670 for ATS v1.2

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