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ATS Mods » Trucks ATS » Other trucks » Western Star 49X Edit v1.5.1 By Marekg304 (1.47.x) for ATS

Western Star 49X Edit v1.5.1 By Marekg304 (1.47.x) for ATS

25-06-2023, 21:51
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Western Star 49X Edit v1.5.1 By Marekg304 (1.47.x) for ATS
Category - Other trucks
Game Version - v1.47.x
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Last edited by: admin - 25-06-2023, 21:51
Reason: Mod Updated to v1.5.1

Description about « Western Star 49X Edit v1.5.1 By Marekg304 (1.47.x) for ATS »:

Download mod Western Star 49X Edit v1.5.1 By Marekg304 (1.47.x) for ATS | American Truck Simulator game.

Western Star 49X - standard truck with custom changes and improvements added by author for ATS players. This mod aims to rework and to add stock accessories to the Western Star 49X. Western Star 49X is a heavy-duty truck that was introduced in 2020. It is designed for tough jobs and offers a spacious cabin with advanced technology and comfort features. The truck's interior is designed for comfort and includes a spacious cab with plenty of headroom and legroom. It also has a variety of amenities, including a premium sound system, air conditioning, and a 7-inch touch screen display.

Features Western Star 49X:
- independent truck model
- High quality 3D model
- High quality detailed exterior
- High quality detailed interior
- the model has own interior
- the model has own wheels
- the model has own sound
- present the illumination of arrow speedometer and tachometer
- animation parts on interior
- the character is correctly sitting in the driver's seat
- the choice of color body / metallic paint / skins
- the choice of transmission, gearbox (10 types)
- the choice of power engine (12 types)
- the choice of chassis (37 types)
- the choice of cabins (6 types)
- the choice of interiors (5 types)
- correct position of the Western Star logo
- Working headlights, brake lights, tail lights, front and rear turn signals, steering wheel and reverse signals
- The correct position of the player
- Tuning and accesories present
- interior accesories support
- Cables trailer support
- Cabin DLC Accesories support
- Supports all major functions of the game
- buy from Acces Mod dealer

Changes in v1.5.1:
- Adapted to the latest game patch 1.47;
- Power Hood compatibility.

Tested on game version 1.47.x 

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Western Star 49X Edit v1.5.1 By Marekg304 (1.47.x) for ATS Western Star 49X Edit v1.5.1 By Marekg304 (1.47.x) for ATS Western Star 49X Edit v1.5.1 By Marekg304 (1.47.x) for ATS Western Star 49X Edit v1.5.1 By Marekg304 (1.47.x) for ATS Western Star 49X Edit v1.5.1 By Marekg304 (1.47.x) for ATS Western Star 49X Edit v1.5.1 By Marekg304 (1.47.x) for ATS Western Star 49X Edit v1.5.1 By Marekg304 (1.47.x) for ATS Western Star 49X Edit v1.5.1 By Marekg304 (1.47.x) for ATS
Changes in v1.5 (1.46.x):
WARNING: Due to changes, the newest mod version no longer works on game versions 1.43 and below (old mod version will be available for older game versions)
WARNING: Due to changes, you need to go to service to re-buy most parts
- Merged two chassis variants, which are different from each other only by fuel tank size, into one variant (48 variants reduced to 24)
- Changes of 8x4 chassis - second axle now features single wheels instead of double wheels, are also steerable
- Changed fuel tanks to support fuel tank size value, different sizes are now selected as accessory
- Medium 8x4 and 8x6 chassis are now slightly longer, to correspond with length of 6x2 and 6x4 medium chassis
- Added new steering wheel variant with wood grain
- Added long variant of exhaust stacks
- Added 300 gallon fuel tank option for mid-size chassis
- Added high rear spoiler for 48-inch cabin
- Rear handles and GPS are now separate accessory
- Removed unneccessary "slpwindow" locator from 36-inch cabin
 Download #2 | Download #3

Changes in v1.4.6 (1.45.x):
- Adapted to the latest game patch 1.46
- Added the ability to choose between a window and ventilation in a sleeping bag;
- Minor fixes.
Download #2 | Download #3

Changes in v1.4.5 (1.45.x):
- Adapted to the latest game patch 1.45
Download #2 | Download #3

Changes in v1.4.4 (1.44.x):
- Added support of 10 paintjobs for new cabins (7 from Classic Stripes DLC and 3 from base game);
- Added option for painted fuel tanks;
- Changed quick job trucks to support additions from this mod;
- Various UV map fixes, definition files fixes, model fixes, improvements and optimalizations across the mod.
Download #2 | Download #3

Changes in v1.4.3 (1.43.x):
- Added emergency door for sleeper as an option;
- Separated sleeper layout models - different layout can be selected separately for each side of truck - vent, window, door with vent (locator 'slpwindow' removed and replaced by 'sleeper_l' and 'sleeper_r', except for 36-inch sleeper);
- Added Single Bunk or Double Bunk option for High Roof sleeper;
- Added standard headache rack with window (you need Forest Machinery DLC for it to work properly);
- Added localization (currently in English for all languages);
- Model improvements on the sleeper section.
Download #2 | Download #3

Changes in v1.4.2 (1.43.x):
- Added option to switch between solid wall, one-piece or three-piece rear window on the day cab;
- Added four slots for additional lights on front grille (you need to use the "Logger" front bumpers to add front grille to your truck, as on the original truck).
 Download #2 | Download #3

Changes in v1.4.1 (1.43.x):
- Slightly reworked seat model
-> The seats are now in two variants, base and premium
-> Base seats now have cloth upholstery, while premium seats have either cloth upholstery or leather upholstery with diamond stitching
-> 3 new cloth textures
-> You need to re-buy the seats in the service, as they are now separated from interior model
-> The model will be further improved later
- Changed some accessory icons
Download #2 | Download #3

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