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Freightliner Classic XL v6.0 - American Truck Simulator

6-01-2020, 13:17
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Freightliner Classic XL v6.0 - American Truck Simulator

Gameplay videos with Freightliner Classic XL v6.0 for American Truck Simulator game.

 Changelog in v6.0:
1. New sounds from Kapitan Kriechbaum.
2. Added new engines.
3. Added skinpack from Truck Funkie Paint Shop (more skins for Flattop will be added in the next versions).
4. Added a new Alaska West Express XL skin from Kelvan Fulcher (Flattop only).
5. Realistic Halogen Light is now standalone (when this mod activated, the light on other trucks will not change anymore).
6. Reworked light effect of lenses headlights.
7. Added marking stickers on the glass.
8. Reworked mirrors.
9. Reworked rear wings.
10. Reworked frame and suspension, including texture.
11. Reworked APU and rear steps on the frame.
12. Reworked old one and added new one CB-radio.
13. Replaced the retarder animation with the trailer brake animation.
14. Added the standard version of the turn signal on the wings.
15. Oregon state number changed and Nevada state number added.
16. Added lightbar to the roof.
17. Optimization, improving of textures.
18. Replaced speakers to better ones.
19. The round lights on the roof (on the Flattop cab) have been replaced with better ones.
20. Added new logo to the grille.
21. Improved reflection in the cabin.
22. Added LED Beacon for Flattop.
23. Added straight exhaust.
24. Added a new visor with lamps for the Flattop cab.
25. Added a painted version of the stairs.
26. Added a colored version of the side panels for lights.
27. Added colored version of the grill frame and logo.
28. Added new variants of fuel tanks.
29. Added receiver variants in tuning.
30. Added options for flooring (decking) on the frame in tuning.
31. Added a painted version of the frame.
32. Added chassis with an stretched frame.
33. Added low variant for each chassis.
34. Added the ability to remove the steps behind the fuel tanks.
35. Added custom connecting of air and electricity cables (hiden lines) to the rear of the frame (the choice is made by the dummy behind the cab).
36. Added 3 new dashboard panel types.
37. Added painted rear bumpers.
38. Added new rear wings.
39. Added painted headache racks behind the cab.
40. Other improvements and fixes.

Modification is fully compatible with game versions 1.35 / 1.36 and DX11.
In case of problems with the mod’s performance, check for the following files in the mod folder (and their activation in the mod manager):
1) Freightliner Classic XL ATS.scs (or ETS2.scs) - the truck
2) Freight_KEY_YourName.scs - your key (the truck should be higher than the key in the mod manager)
3) Truck & Trailers Flares.scs - flarepack
 4) USA Trucks Wheels.scs - wheels pack
 (then there are mods that cannot lead to a game crash, because they are optional, that is, they are not required to be installed, only if you wish)
 5) Headache Racks for Classic XL.scs - Headache Racks behind the cab (optional)
6) Freightliner Classic XL SKIN PACK.scs - pack of skins (optional)
7) Realistic Halogen Light for Classic XL.scs - realistic (dimmer) headlights (optionally, when connected, set the priority higher than the truck in the mod manager)
 8) HQDashClassicXL.scs - gauges texture in higher quality, but less original, because they were drawn from scratch (optionally, when connected, set the priority higher than the truck in the mod manager)

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