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Slippery's Ownable HH v0.9.5 for Ats

29-09-2018, 20:51
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Slippery's Ownable HH v0.9.5 for Ats
Category - Other trailers
Game Version - v1.32.x
Credits: - teknogeek1300

Description about « Slippery's Ownable HH v0.9.5 for Ats »:

Slippery's Ownable Heavy Haul v0.9.5 for Ats 1.32.x game version

This mod add owner Heavy Haul trailer in the game

Version 0.2:
Added 6 loads
Weights are HEAVIER than they should be for now. Cat 627 is accurate(ish).

Version 0.3:
Added wheels.
Changed mud flaps.
Not working with Pinga's dropdeck yet, loads will conflict.

Version 0.4:
Changed loads so they don't conflict with Pinga's dropdeck

Version 0.5:
Added jeep and spreader, broke 3/5 loads.

Version 0.6:
Fixed all 5 loads, should work now.

Version 0.7:
Rebalanced jeep to make heavier loads possible
Added flags to spreader
Added 291k lb HEAVY TEST load

Version 0.8:
Normalized prices
Normalized load weights
Make trailer VERY cheap

Version 0.9:
Reverted HEAVY TEST back to coil.
Added a few thousand pounds to each load to increase the chances of hauling over 100k lbs for acheivments.
Added the milling machine back.
Added a 2nd version of the milling machine(extended boom/belt)
Added Quadtrac
Addec 350k lb HEAVY BOX test. ADVISE: 1,100+ HP motor mod, and low gearing.
Balance changes to jeep(hopefully keeping the front axle on the ground at all times).

Version 0.91:
Fixed milling machine price.
Increased 350k load price.

Version 0.9.2:
Fixed coil and quadtrac price issues, all loads should be over double pay.

Version 0.9.3:
Fixed red test box
Fixed Coil and Quadtrac weights

Version 0.9.4:
Added paint options
Fixed chassis and bodies config for Flatbed, allowing paint to work.
Fixed cargo load times

New Version 0.9.5:
Fixed archive, wrong format.

Tested in 1.32.x game version

Slippery's Ownable HH v0.9.5 for Ats Slippery's Ownable HH v0.9.5 for Ats Slippery's Ownable HH v0.9.5 for Ats

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