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Natural beauty of Oregon

2-06-2018, 12:21
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Natural beauty of Oregon

Natural beauty of Oregon

Welcome to the next episode of our popular series, revealing details of the
upcoming Oregon map expansion for American Truck Simulator.
Today we will focus on natural surroundings.
Our interpretation of the natural beauty of the states is an essential part of our development focus.

Our programmers are always improving the tools available to our map designers.
Our system for intelligent creation of rock formations has been further refined,
so the map team has now even more toys at their disposal to play with.

Forest industry is one of the key building blogs of Oregon economy and transportation.
We want to take our players deeper into the forests, showing things in closer detail.
That is why new detailed models of lower and higher forest vegetation are created.
We also added wetlands and swamps together with lush meadows full of blooming wildflowers.
Several unique representatives of Oregon flora have also been identified.
For example, we have created a brand new thundercloud flowering plum tree for some of the urban areas.

In addition to living trees and flowers, the Oregon DLC will also feature wilted forest remains
and dry trees to replicate realistically look locations. On the coasts, we can even hint at
natural alluviums formed by branches and other vegetation remnants

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