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ATS Mods » Gameplay ATS » Full Motion Semi Truck Simulator - MATS 2017

Full Motion Semi Truck Simulator - MATS 2017

7-04-2017, 17:46
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Full Motion Semi Truck Simulator - MATS 2017

Fully mobile, full motion commercial semi truck simulator, as presented at Peterbilt's booth at Mid-America Truck Show 2017, taking place in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Combining technologies from SCS Software's American Truck Simulator, Sigma Intégrale, D-BOX, and Peterbilt, this demonstrator was attracting crowds all three days of the show.

Sigma Intégrale's smart solution keeps the vehicle road-worthy so that it can travel from show to show on its own. For the event, the steering wheel, pedals, and dashboard instruments and gauges are connected to proprietary hardware interfacing with SCS Software's truck simulation Software Development Kit. The cabin sits on D-BOX actuators providing motion cues when accelerating or turning, taking G-force simulation values from American Truck Simulator.


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