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Liftable Trailer Axles

24-02-2017, 23:03
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Liftable Trailer Axles

We're almost there to release the open betas of the next wave of updates

for both Euro Truck Simulator 2and American Truck Simulator.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that we iron out the last few known glitches

so that we are able to release the open betas next week.

Liftable Trailer Axles

Today we'd like to tease you a little with a glimpse on one of the new features -

the implementation of liftable axles for trailers.

This feature was requested by the fan community for quite a while, we're glad to

bring it to life for all players lookingforward to improvements in simulation fidelity.

Lifting a trailer axle allows you to spread the weight among the

trailer's wheels to optimize fuel consumption, limit tire wear, or adjust the trailer's maneuverability

while turning or reversing.As there was no default hotkey or controller key assigned for this

feature as of yet, and we do not want tobreak players' existing configs,

please remember to set this function under any key in the Key & Buttons options.

Stay tuned for more feature reveals as we wrap up the work on the updates.

The full change log will of course come along with the actual releases.


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