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Interstate Map 10 v1.0 by Rickpp

2-08-2016, 07:44
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Interstate Map 10 v1.0 by Rickpp
Category - Maps ATS
Game Version - v1.3.x
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Description about « Interstate Map 10 v1.0 by Rickpp »:

Interstate Map 10 v1.0 by Rickpp for American Truck Simulator game.

Can't call it Louisiana Raceway anymore. The raceway is only a small part of the map. There is soo much more to the map.
(latest revision: July 29  18:51 pm CST)

Interstate 10 v1.0

1.LOUISIANA RACEWAY: Test out your modded truck on the oval track, drag race it on the strip, try the “Death Jump on the rally track, or take that “Pete” OFFROAD on the offroad track which surrounds the raceway. 64 mph is the best speed for negotiating the jump, but if you fail to make it, the wrecker can take you to “Spark Plug’s” repair shop located onsite at the track. The sounds of the trucks racing is an experience by itself as well as the swamp sounds on the offroad track. Louisiana Raceway is located off of Interstate 10 between New Orleans, LA & Houston TX. My custom billboards will guide you to the Central Valero Mega Truck stop where the entrance to the raceway is located.

2. VALERO SUPER STOPS: There are now 3 spacious Valero Super Truck stops! Valero East, Valero Central(LA Raceway), & Valero West. Valero west is located in the newly added city of Van Horn Texas. The entrance to the raceway is at the central Valero Super stop & Valero East is just west of Tallahassee, FL. All three are on Interstate 10. You can easily fill up your truck in one of the 20 fuel lanes with ECO Diesel, get some sleep in a 50 truck parking area, & get your rig repaired in Spark Plugs drive-thru repair shop.  It's always tough to get the truck repaired at a repair shop while hauling cargo. You always have to uncouple the trailer somewhere before you can wiggle into those small repair shops(even dealerships are a pain).....Well, Spark plug's repair shacks are located at all 3  Super stops & is accessed easily with your trailer hooked up for repairs on your rig....It's basically drive-thru repair. If your hauling a hot load to Miami & need a shortcut, the central (Louisiana Raceway) location has an underground tunnel which ends in Miami, FL.

3. CHEYENNE MOUNTAIN: Cheyenne Mountain AFB (CMAFB) is located just south of Denver, CO. The functioning terminal is almost 500ft below the mountain and security is tight. CMAFB jobs show up in your “jobs listings” so don’t be afraid to haul that TOP SECRET load of baby clothes to the mountain. CMAFB has a functioning stargate! It can transport your truck to: Philadelphia, PA, Valero west Superstop in Van Horn, TX, Royal Fakapalm(Miami), FL, Seattle, WA, Salt Lake City, & finally the Louisiana Raceway. Oneill might even be there to show you the STARGATE….lol

4. I have added better scenery to my hometown of New Orleans, LA which better reflects the culture. I added a small custom garage complete with overhanging oaks and trucks parked in the yard. Bourbon Street French Quarter is a must for anyone visiting Nawlins’. The Crescent city connection bridge has been redone completely to reflect the actual bridge.

5. The Biloxi/Gulfport beach was an early project and includes nice beach scenery to interstate 10 towards Tallahassee, FL.
6. Instead of just adding more boring/ featureless interstates to the map, I’ve improved on the existing roads by adding content. So far I have added scenery to interstate 10 from El Paso, TX all the way to Tallahassee, Fl. These are complete with my custom billboards which break up the monotony of the endless interstate.

past revisions................

Added Cheyenne Mountain Complex with a terminal deep underground and tight security. (with jobs!!) EVERYTHING STABLE NOW!
Added coastline back road from New Orleans to Houston....(with another back entrance to the Raceway (via OFFROAD track)
Constructed a crude version of the Mercedes Benz Superdome in New Orleans.
Added The French Quarter for celebrating Mardi Gras.
Added custom interstate billboards throughout (thanks to Mantrid)
Customized further, the look of the new orleans garage with trucks and oak trees overhanging the entry road..
Replaced the 8 lane fuel pumps with ECO pumps at the MEGA TRUCKSTOP
minor glitch fixes and adjustments across the board.

Added diesel trucks racing sounds to the raceway as well as swamp sounds on the offroad course!
more I10 improvements as far as scenery goes. (I10 scenery improvements stretch from El Paso, TX to Tallahassee, FL)
changed the truck stop that is the entrance to the raceway into a MEGA truckstop
added a tunnel shortcut to Miami from the truck stop. G.A.T.

Added underground escape road into New Orleans, custom billboards, and revisions and fixes across the board.
Run your truck on the Indianapolis style speedway, check your time on the dragstrip, or do the death defying jump on the Rally course. If
that doesn't feed your fancy, the offroad course that surrounds the track will test your driving skillz.

From the creator of Tail of the Dragon (us 129) in Coast to Coast, and the G.A.T…..comes my next map project….
It’s a raceway, drag strip, offroad, & rally course with jumps. Built on Mantrids Coast to Coast v1.8 (required).
Race your modded truck and see just what it can do on the NASCAR style raceway with 47 degree banks in the turns.

For the most up to date revision, upgrades and fixes, go to SCS forums ( under ATS/mods/maps. you can also post comments, bug reporting and suggestions.

shout-out to: Mantrid for incorporating my images into custom billboards, Losevo58 for the nice work on the Transformer v1.3 truck that I used in the video & also Team 5 star, Bart Modding, Custom Colors, & the crashman for the awesome earnhart trailer as well.

Coast to Coast v1.8

Loading order:
Raceway v1.0
Coast to Coast v1.8

Tested on game version 1.3.x

Interstate Map 10 v1.0 by RickppInterstate Map 10 v1.0 by RickppInterstate Map 10 v1.0 by RickppInterstate Map 10 v1.0 by Rickpp
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Interstate Map 10 v1.0 by Rickpp Interstate Map 10 v1.0 by Rickpp Interstate Map 10 v1.0 by Rickpp Interstate Map 10 v1.0 by Rickpp

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  1. WarthogCC
    | № 1 | Guests | 9 September 2016 23:57 |
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    Other sites say MexUSCan is required also. Is this true? I don't like MexUSCan because it is WAY too buggy so I uninstalled it. I hope it is not required.
    1. admin


      | № 0 | Administrators | 11 September 2016 19:08 |
      + 0-
      I don't know if required and MexUSCan map because i don't tested this mod.