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Coming soon to World of Trucks

7-05-2016, 07:39
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Coming soon to World of Trucks

The upcoming major Update releases for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator will contain a host of improvements: from general map tweaks to AI improvements or improved gear shifting code, from xinput support to additional support for CSIO Technologies cool SKRS transmission shift knob to hardcore trailer connecting mode - more on this later. But today we'd like to focus on enhancements coming to World of Trucks contracts.

The biggest overhaul is hiding under the hood - a lot of our early experimental code running and storing data on our private server farm has been adjusted to run on way more scalable Amazon server infrastructure. As World of Trucks will be adding more game features over time, eating even more bandwidth, we realized that we have to move to the "cloud" pretty much with everything. This change removes several bottlenecks and frustrating hick-ups you may currently experience when connecting to World of Trucks.

 Coming soon to World of TrucksComing soon to World of Trucks


External Contracts will work across all of the official map content in the games - full support for American Truck Simulator is coming to World of Trucks at last, as is support for the map DLCs in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

We have improved the client part of Contracts, so you will be able to take jobs directly from the game, without the need to Alt+Tab to the web browser and back. It's more comfortable and streamlined, making it equal to Freight Market experience in the standard game. You will be able to easily see the closest jobs around your truck's current position in the world, so making your choice should be simple. But of course you don't get "teleported" to the trailer, you always have to actually drive your truck there.

We have introduced regional setting into World of Trucks, so you will be able to adjust the units according to your local preference.


Coming soon to World of TrucksComing soon to World of Trucks


We are now in "code freeze" stage for the upcoming game Updates - already firmly in closed beta territory - bugfixing and polishing the new features with our private group of trusted beta testers. We still have a bunch of issues sitting in our bug tracking database that we want to squish before switching into open beta mode. We are looking forward to another open beta, it's always great to see people interact with the new features, but we are still a couple of weeks from that moment. Stay tuned!



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