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Dynamic Suspension Mod v2.2.5 (1.48.x) for ATS

23-07-2023, 19:36
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Dynamic Suspension Mod v2.2.5 (1.48.x) for ATS
Category - Other mods ats
Game Version - v1.48.x
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Last edited by: admin - 23-07-2023, 19:36
Reason: Mod Updated to v2.2.5

Description about « Dynamic Suspension Mod v2.2.5 (1.48.x) for ATS »:

Download Dynamic Suspension Mod v2.2.5 (1.48.x) for ATS | American Truck Simulator game.

Dynamic Suspension - this modification makes truck behavior to feel more realistic with Steering Wheel or Keyboard. This mode have “Realistic Steering with Keyboard” included. It allows you to make smooth turns on high speed without overturn the truck even if you use realistic suspension settings, in this case “Dynamic Suspension”. The steering become harder when switching direction and increasing speed. It is less harder when is stationary, ideal for parking!

Changes in v2.2.5:
- Increased cabin sway bar factor
- Reduced cabin COG
- Reduced driver leaning compensation to the centrifugal acceleration
- Reduced pitch backward


- Added compatibility for 1.48.x game version
- Reworked description of the mod by accessing the Info Button in Mod Manager window
- Added  "Recommended settings"  in percent values. Universal for any kind of user. (Keyboard/ Mouse/ Steering Wheel/ Joysticks and so on)

Tested on game version 1.48.x 

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Dynamic Suspension Mod v2.2.5 (1.48.x) for ATS Dynamic Suspension Mod v2.2.5 (1.48.x) for ATS Dynamic Suspension Mod v2.2.5 (1.48.x) for ATS Dynamic Suspension Mod v2.2.5 (1.48.x) for ATS Dynamic Suspension Mod v2.2.5 (1.48.x) for ATS Dynamic Suspension Mod v2.2.5 (1.48.x) for ATS Dynamic Suspension Mod v2.2.5 (1.48.x) for ATS Dynamic Suspension Mod v2.2.5 (1.48.x) for ATS

Changes in v2.2.4.1 (1.47.x):
– Added compatibility for Volvo VNL 2018.
 Download #1 [376.26 Kb] (downloads: 87)

Changes in v2.2.4 (1.47.x):
– Added support for 1.47.x game version
– Fixed chassis errors with Kenworth W900
Download #1 [363.94 Kb] (downloads: 87)

Changes in v2.2.1 (1.44.x):
– Added compatibility for 1.44 game version
Download #1 | Download #2 [358.43 Kb] (downloads: 255)

Changes in v2.2:
- Decreased pitch driver pitch forward
- Decreased air resistance (resulting in real values for avg. fuel consumption)
- Increased cabin pitch angle
- Increased suspension travel
- Increased cabin damping factor
- Increased wheel damping factor
- Increased anti-roll/sway-bar stiffness 
- Increased roughness of the tyre material(decrease of slippery on wet conditions in curves)
- Increased damping of tyre deformation for lateral factor (decrease of slippery on wet conditions in curves)
- Reworked all truck chassis 

Changes in v2.1.4 (1.43.x):
– Added support for 1.43.x game version
- Added support for Peterbilt 379 by Dom's (free version)
Download #1

Changes in v2.1.3.1 (1.42.x):
- Added support for 1.42.x game version
Download #1

Changes in v2.1.3:
- Added compatibility for International LT
Download #1

Changes in v2.1.2:
– Added STANDALONE version
Download #1

Changes in v2.1.1:
– Added compatiblity with 1.41.x
Download #1

Changes in v2.1:
Truck behavior:
- Reduced brake strength at lower speed
- Increased front brakes strength
- Softened cabin suspension damping 
- Increased anti-roll/sway-bar stiffness 
- Increased coefficients related to wheel slipping (better grip when raining) 

Driver behavior: 
- Reduced driver leaning 
- Reduced driver pitch forward
- Reduced driver-seat restitution coeficient
- Increased driver height stiffness

- Fixed error/possible crash with Peterbilt 389 Viper2
Download #1

Changes in v2.0.2:
- Added compatibility for 1.40.x game version
Download #1  Download #2

Changes in v2.0:
ENGINE compression factor:
- Increased Intensity of engine braking.

- Increased Retarder resistance factor.
- Decreased Flywheel resistance factor. (RPM loss)
- Adjusted when using clutch manual / automatic gearbox is taking off / changing gear.
- Increased torque converter-based transmissions.
- Increased relative magnitude of flywheel inertia
- Decreased transmissions inertia relative to the flywheel
Download #1  Download #2

Changes in v1.0.2:
- Fixed problem with missing sounds for: air brake, air cutoff, reverse, lift axle, hook attach, hook detach, trailer cables 
Download #1  Download #2

Changes in v1.0:
- Reworked truck physics
- Reworked interior camera physics
- New Western Star 49X truck included!
Download #1

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- Download the mod from our server or from external links;

- Extract it with Winrar or Winzip program;

- Copy files with extension .scs file(s) into your My Documents/American Truck Simulator/mod folder;

- Run game ~> Edit profile ~> Enable mod.

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