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Open Windows + FMod (1.37.x) - American Truck Simulator

25-04-2020, 16:04
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Open Windows + FMod (1.37.x) - American Truck Simulator

Gameplay videos presenting Open Windows + FMod (1.37.x) for American Truck Simulator game.

The improved sound system is really the biggest new feature for American Truck Simulator. Both windows of the truck can be rolled down. What makes this effect cooler is that the behavior of sound waves is simulated rather well. Simply cracking open the window will realistically let just a bit of outside sound into the cabin.

The new sound effects are loud. SCS wasn’t lying when it said it’s made improvements to environmental sounds and AI traffic for American Truck Simulator. You can hear engines from vehicles that are even several meters away.

For more information about the new releases, check here

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