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Hella Rallye 3000 v1.8 (1.46.x) for ATS

13-12-2022, 14:31
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Hella Rallye 3000 v1.8 (1.46.x) for ATS
Category - Lights ATS
Game Version - v1.46.x
Credits: - obelihnio, Niskarli
Last edited by: admin - 13-12-2022, 14:31
Reason: Mod Updated to v1.8

Description about « Hella Rallye 3000 v1.8 (1.46.x) for ATS »:

Downlaod mod Hella Rallye 3000 v1.8 (1.46.x) for ATS | American Truck Simulator game.

Hella Rallye 3000 - A large pack of additional lights on the roof of all trucks. All trucks are supported. The Hella Rallye 3000 Headlight mod for ETS2 and ATS was made in high quality, in addition to the lighting models themselves, the authors implemented their own visualization of the glow and light. 

Features Hella Rallye 3000:
- High Quality 3D model;
- Custom light;
- Custom light mask (low beam and high beam);
- 5 options: full plastic / paint, plastic / paint with chrome ring, full chrome;
- 3 reflector colors: white, yellow, blue;
- Closed version (no light);
- 2 types of lamps: single and double bulb;
- Make sure you have the aux lights enabled in the lights in-game menu (F4 on the keyboard).

Changes in v1.8:
- Adapted to the latest game patch 1.46

Tested on game version 1.46.x

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Hella Rallye 3000 v1.8 (1.46.x) for ATS Hella Rallye 3000 v1.8 (1.46.x) for ATS Hella Rallye 3000 v1.8 (1.46.x) for ATS Hella Rallye 3000 v1.8 (1.46.x) for ATS

Changes in v1.7 (1.45.x): 
- Adapted to the latest game patch 1.45;
- Added aftermarket part type flags, 1.44+ only;
- Removed old version support (1.35 - 1.39).
Download #2

Changes in v1.6 (1.41.x):
- Adapted to the latest game patch 1.41;
- Fixed corrupted light mask texture on 2 bulb variants;
- Fixed missing housing for 2-bulb blue lamps;
- Adjusted high beam flares to optimize performance.
Download #2

Changes in v1.5.1: 
- Fixed the problem, that low and high beam are almost always white, not blue. (blue light) 
- Now Illuminates the area correctly with blue light too
Download #1  Download #2

Changes in v1.5: 
- Fixed light-mask issue with 2 bulb lamps;
- Fixed missing flare emitter in blue 1 bulb lamp;
- Road illumination enabled again for yellow and blue lamps.
- experimental values.
Download #1  Download #2

Changes in v1.4:
- Updated flares;
- Updated light-masks;
- General fixes in 3D models;
- Updated materials;
- New light bulb models;
- Removed positional/low beam lightmask and flares form single bulb models;
- adapted to the latest game patch 1.40
Download Link 1 | Download Link 2

Changes in v1.3:
- added full paint & full plastic variants;
- tweaked low beam light mask;
- tweaked reflector environment reflections;
- updated logo sticker, adjusted prices

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- Download the mod from our server or from external links;

- Extract it with Winrar or Winzip program;

- Copy files with extension .scs file(s) into your My Documents/American Truck Simulator/mod folder;

- Run game ~> Edit profile ~> Enable mod.

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