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Slippery's Ownable Tanker v7.9.1 for Ats

29-09-2018, 20:28
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Slippery's Ownable Tanker v7.9.1 for Ats
Category - Other trailers
Game Version - v1.32.x
Credits: - teknogeek1300

Description about « Slippery's Ownable Tanker v7.9.1 for Ats »:

Slippery's Ownable Tanker v7.9.1 for Ats 1.32.x game version

This mod add owner tanker for game

Added Nitromannite loads
Added Kerosene loads
Dealer broken, can't backout. No trailer config, chassis, or axle picking, trailer works
Changed 4 loads
Designed to work alongside Pinga's stepdeck for
Added VK8 wheels by authors: Kyto, Anatoly7469, groningen263, found in "wheels_for_ATS" mod.

Version 7.1:
Changed Ethane for Diesel.
Changed Propane for Sulfuric Acid

Version 7.2:
Added 3 axle steerable option(thanks to Slayer72)
Attempting to fix loads so they work for everyone.

Version 7.3:
Added Walberts as a distributor to increase jobs.
Added more pain jobs(thanks to Slayer72)

Version 7.4:
Added template.png and .psd to vehicles/tank.skins/
Fixed S corp texture mirror on front of tank.
Fixed landing gear double model issue, possibly increasing performance!

Version 7.5:
Ranamed from "tekno's ownable tanker" to "Slippery's ownable tanker"(2 names, same person, consolidated for confusion)
Added a 2nd tanker; "Chemical Tanker".
Minor UI fixes
Ranamed the original tanker to "Fuel Tanker"
4 existing loads have been split to 2 loads per tank style, making them more realistic.

Version 7.6:
Added Acid Tanker. Makes 3 tankers now.
Changed Slippery Stair dealer logo's to include numbers in the dealer tab.
Re-arranged and renamed loads, removing Nitromannite(unfortunatly).
Fixed pre configured 3rd axle on original tanker.
Reconfigured lift axle configurtations on original tanker.

Version 7.8:
I don't remember

Version 7.9:
Merged all 3 tankers into 1 dealer category.
Removed steerable and lift axle OPTIONS(trailers still have liftable axles, you just can't change their configurations) for all tankers.

New Version 7.9.1:
Fixed loads times
Slippery's Ownable Tanker v7.9.1 for Ats

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