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KenPet 11×2 Sound Mod for ATS

27-06-2018, 16:47
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KenPet 11×2 Sound Mod for ATS
Category - Sounds ATS
Game Version - v1.31.x
Credits: - bobo58

Description about « KenPet 11×2 Sound Mod for ATS »:

ATTENTION! 11 pair different engine sounds for trucks in ATS

All this mods for - American Truck Simulator ver.1.31.x
- These mods do not change the game process, you can use them at any time, it's enough to leave the game and connect or replace one mod of ES-version or of S-version then continue the game.
- - - - - - - - -
- Mods of the ES-version replaces the gearbox, replaces the engine and its sound, change light of headlights in trucks:
NOTE - ES-version mods:
replacement of any engine for engine 840 hp and replacement of any gearbox for gearbox 16 speed
- Mods of the S-version changes only sound of any engines and changes the light of headlight in trucks:

The name list of mods, differing by a sound of the engine for trucks ATS:
* - Kenworth W900 and T680
* - Kenworth W900b and T610 (by GT-Mike)
* - Peterbilt 389 and 579
* - Peterbilt 359; 389v2 and 567_by GT-Mike

_ mods pair list:
01 mod pair:
- KenPet_ES_Sound-N001_v18.VI.27.scs
- KenPet_S_Sound-N001_v18.VI.27.scs
02 mod pair:
- KenPet_ES_Sound-N002_v18.VI.27.scs
- KenPet_S_Sound-N002_v18.VI.27.scs
03 mod pair:
- KenPet_ES_Sound-N003_v18.VI.27.scs
- KenPet_S_Sound-N003_v18.VI.27.scs
04 mod pair:
- KenPet_ES_Sound-N004_v18.VI.27.scs
- KenPet_S_Sound-N004_v18.VI.27.scs
05 mod pair:
- KenPet_ES_Sound-N005_v18.VI.27.scs
- KenPet_S_Sound-N005_v18.VI.27.scs
06 mod pair:
- KenPet_ES_Sound-N006_v18.VI.27.scs
- KenPet_S_Sound-N006_v18.VI.27.scs
07 mod pair:
- KenPet_ES_Sound-N007_v18.VI.27.scs
- KenPet_S_Sound-N007_v18.VI.27.scs
08 mod pair:
- KenPet_ES_Sound-N008_v18.VI.27.scs
- KenPet_S_Sound-N008_v18.VI.27.scs
09 mod pair:
- KenPet_ES_Sound-N009_v18.VI.27.scs
- KenPet_S_Sound-N009_v18.VI.27.scs
10 mod pair:
- KenPet_ES_Sound-N010_v18.VI.27.scs
- KenPet_S_Sound-N010_v18.VI.27.scs
11 mod pair:
- KenPet_ES_Sound-N011_v18.VI.27.scs
- KenPet_S_Sound-N011_v18.VI.27.scs
_ list end _
When creating this mods, were used parts of mods - Kriechbaum, adi2003de, Oxygen and other mods, authors I do not know.

all mods in archive - KenPet_11x2_Sound_mod_for_ATS_v18.VI.27.rar (~50mb)

bobo58 27.06.2018
KenPet 11×2 Sound Mod for ATS KenPet 11×2 Sound Mod for ATS

Tags: KenPet

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- Download the mod from our server or from external links;

- Extract it with Winrar or Winzip program;

- Copy files with extension .scs file(s) into your My Documents/American Truck Simulator/mod folder;

- Run game ~> Edit profile ~> Enable mod.

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