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Foggy Weather v1.7.2.1 - Ats Edition

10-04-2017, 10:35
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Foggy Weather v1.7.2.1 - Ats Edition
Category - Graphics - Environments
Game Version - v1.6.x
Credits: - GerScaniaTrucker

Description about « Foggy Weather v1.7.2.1 - Ats Edition »:

Foggy Weather v1.7.2.1 - Ats Edition for 1.6.x game version
This modification brings you:
- Foggy/smoggy weather near west coast
- Foggy weather in desert
- Sandstorms in desert
- Cloudy/light rainy weather near west coast and desert
- Realistic temperature while fog, smog or sandstorms
It requires American Truck Simulator (1.3.xs) and should be compatible with all future maps.
New Update v1.7.2.1:
- Added compatibility add-ons with map: - 'C2C' (Version 2.0.2) (& 'CanaDream' (Version 2.2)) 
- Added compatibility add-ons with map-combination: 
- 'C2C' (Version 2.0.2) (+ 'CanaDream' (Version 2.2)) + 'Viva Mexico' (Version 2.2 (Sonora))
- [PUBLIC BUG #1 (Darcey Hochstein)]: - Fixed missing texture bug on world map, caused by SCS...
- Corrected minor errors in the ReadMe and mod description ingame
 Changes in v1.7.2:
– Compatibility Update for 1.6 ( recommended)
– Added compatibility add-ons with map: – ‘Viva Mexico’ (Version 2.2 (Sonora))
– Other add-on’s are coming with small updates soon, when the map makers update their map mods.
– EXCEPTION: MHAPro ATS 1.6 will not be supported! More informations soon…
– Added moon and corrected lighting during night like in RL
– Moon Phase refers to the 21th June of 2017 (Waning crescent (Visible: 11%; Age: 27 days))
– ‘Default’ climate now uses same settings as mediterranean climate / warm mediterranean climate
– Added localizations (translations) for German & Brazilian Portuguese
– Revisited all pictures for the loading bar
– Corrected minor errors in the ReadMe and mod description ingame
ChangeLog []
- 1.3.xs compatibility
ChangeLog [1.6.3]
- Added a lite variant for players who don't want thick sandstorms and fog
ChangeLog [1.6.2]
- Added low fog variants while early morning near west coast
- Added more variants of stronger sandstorms in desert
- More sandstorms while midday (10 a.m.-15 a.m)
- Corrected look of sun while sandstorms
- Corrected colour (/color (for the Americans here ^^)) of stronger sandstorms
- Corrected lighting while fog or sandstorm
ChangeLog [1.6.1]
- Fixed skybox-bug while early morning
- Fixed discription
- The version stands now in a squared bracket
- Added loading bars
Tested on 1.6.x game version


Foggy Weather v1.7.2.1 - Ats Edition

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- Copy files with extension .scs file(s) into your My Documents/American Truck Simulator/mod folder;

- Run game ~> Edit profile ~> Enable mod.

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