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American Truck Simulator Release Clarifications

2-02-2016, 18:24
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American Truck Simulator Release Clarifications

American Truck Simulator Release Clarifications


We are snowed-in by a ton of questions and requests for clarification from fans, and it will be best to respond to them once here in an official statement rather than trying to reply to every e-mail.

American Truck Simulator Price

We cannot dictate the prices for the box edition in retail channels, we can only suggest recommended price (we could get prosecuted for price fixing otherwise), but for your reference, these are the prices that will appear on Steam when the game is cleared for release: $19.99, £14.99, 19,99€, CHF 19.99, 1499 pуб., R$ 79,00, ¥ 2,299, 179,00 kr, Rp 249 999, RM84.00, P899.95, S$26.95, ฿699.00, ₩ 24,000, 59,00 TL, 459₴, Mex$ 349.99, CDN$ 28.99, A$ 28.99, NZ$ 29.99, ¥ 125, ₹ 1,249, CLP$ 14.500, S/.64.95, COL$ 62.000, R 325.00, HK$ 149.00, NT$ 649, 74.00 SR, 72.00 AED.

Official Support only for 64-bit Operating Systems

To make sure that we don't have to make compromises down the line, stuck forever with a guarantee to support a build of the game with 32-bit limitations, we have decided to officially only support 64-bit Windows/Linux/Mac. There are some performance benefits too, but most importantly this will allow us to cross the 2 GB barrier for in-game assets when we need to, without worrying about how to work around the limitations of addressable memory on a 32-bit system.

However, we are receiving a lot of requests from players stuck with a 32-bit Windows to give them a chance to play the game now. We do listen to you, and we are also making available an UNSUPPORTED, alternate 32-bit build of the game. You will find it on Steam, in a Beta branch named unsupported_32bit. At the time of release, it will be functionally equivalent with the 64-bit build, and it should work ok so long as you don't push the graphics setting to max. Keep in mind that it's only an unsupported temporary solution, we are explicitly making no guarantees that it will work now or in the future. At some point in time, perhaps in 6 months, perhaps in 12 months, we will no longer be able to update this 32-bit fork of the game to match the feature set of the official version of the game. Hopefully by that time, you will all have migrated to a new 64-bit OS.

Release platforms/DRM

The game is released for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. It will require Valve's Steam platform to install and activate. Whether you buy it directly there, or purchase an activation key from the official game website, find it in a box from a bricks-and-mortar store, or get it from any other digital channel, you will always be getting a Steam key.

We know that not everybody is comfortable with the decision, but for us the benefits are very clear. We will be able to concentrate on improving the game itself, and will not have to lose time and focus maintaining an alternate update and account infrastructure. With Steam, pushing out an update of the game is a matter of one button press. We can take advantage of Steam Workshop to have a central repository of mods, and will not have to create and moderate our own alternate solution. We would really have a hard time having to create our own system to sell, deliver and update game DLCs with equal robustness to Steam's proven infrastructure. We hope that you will understand why we are making this choice.

Bonus Paintjob Reminder

Speaking of Steam and the benefits its system allows us to provide... We would like to remind you about an exclusive steam-punk paint-job bonus DLC. It can be yours in exchange for following us on American Truck Simulator Steam page. We are going to give early purchasers of the game a few extra days to allow them a chance to earn this bonus. Next week, the game will auto-magically update itself for all active followers to add these beauties:

American Truck Simulator Release Clarifications



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