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14-10-2017, 18:49
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Category - Trucks ATS / Other trucks
Version - v1.28.x
Credits: - bobo58


American Truck Simulator ver.1.28.x

======= google translate =======================
NEW ver.5
mod truck MAN-TGX_ITSU_N7.1-IV_ATS.scs (with older versions is not compatible)
... truck dealers: - Kenworth; - Peterbilt; - Volvo.

ITSU_N - transcript:
I - the basis of mod manver1.scs
T - mode contains traffic truck MAN-TGX
S - the sound is changed
U - add-ons to the mod
N - number (version)


19 of mods differing by a sound for truck MAN-TGX version ITSU_N7.1
(With other versions mod the MAN TGX - this mods not compatible !!!)
These mods do not change the game process, you can use them at any time.
It's enough to leave the game and connect or replace one of the 19 mods then continue the game
For correct operation, use any one, but only one mod from 19 and this mod is installed above the truck

The name list of mods differing by a sound for truck MAN-TGX
(mod ver.- ITSU_N7.1 for ATS 1.28.x // with older versions is not compatible)

00 - Sound-C17SM ver-5 for truck MAN-TGX - in truck
- - - - - - - - -
01 - Sound-444U_ver-5_for_MAN-TGX.scs
02 - Sound-3406E_ver-5_for_MAN-TGX.scs
03 - Sound-3406EU_ver-5_for_MAN-TGX.scs
04 - Sound-C17SU_ver-5_for_MAN-TGX.scs
05 - Sound-CAT15_ver-5_for_MAN-TGX.scs
06 - Sound-CUMSU_ver-5_for_MAN-TGX.scs
07 - Sound-ISXS_ver-5_for_MAN-TGX.scs
08 - Sound-MESV_ver-5_for_MAN-TGX.scs
09 - Sound-MTGX_ver-5_for_MAN-TGX.scs
10 - Sound-N14CU_ver-5_for_MAN-TGX.scs
11 - Sound-N14-I_ver-5_for_MAN-TGX.scs
12 - Sound-N14-II_ver-5_for_MAN-TGX.scs
13 - Sound-N14U_ver-5_for_MAN-TGX.scs
14 - Sound-N14U2_ver-5_for_MAN-TGX.scs
15 - Sound-OPMAN_ver-5_for_MAN-TGX.scs
16 - Sound-QD9U_ver-5_for_MAN-TGX.scs
17 - Sound-SIGM_ver-5_for_MAN-TGX.scs
18 - Sound-SLE9_ver-5_for_MAN-TGX.scs
19 - Sound-W9K_ver-5_for_MAN-TGX.scs

all mods in archive - (~47MB)

When creating this mod, were used parts of mods - Kriechbaum and other mods, authors I do not know

How to install mods?

- Download the mod from our server or from external links;

- Extract it with Winrar or Winzip program;

- Copy files with extension .scs file(s) into your My Documents/American Truck Simulator/mod folder;

- Run game ~> Edit profile ~> Enable mod.

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