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31 January 2016
Truck Licensing Situation Update in American Truck Simulator
26 January 2016
We still owe you clarification on the initial set of trucks shipping as part of the first release of American Truck Simulator. We have been postponing this post until the last minute, as the
American Truck Simulator & World of Trucks
26 January 2016
Greetings truckers! American Truck Simulator is well on its way to the February 3 release, and we thought that it is time to discuss the plans for its integration with World of Trucks universe.
American Truck Simulator Map DLC Clarifications
26 January 2016
It's time to respond to the avalanche of questions coming our way concerning our plans for the initial edition of American Truck Simulator and its post-release future. The day one release will
American Truck Simulator Bonus
26 January 2016
American Truck Simulator will be released simultaneously in retail and digital channels on February 3, 2016. But that's not "news" any more - hopefully you have the date marked in your calendar
American Truck Simulator Release Date
26 January 2016
At last, we are ready to commit to an official release date of the first edition of American Truck Simulator; the game will hit digital and retail stores on February 3, 2016. As the readers of our
Soundscape of American Truck Simulator
26 January 2016
One of finishing touches that we are currently working on for the initial release of American Truck Simulator is integration of enhanced prefab sounds. We want the "soundscape" of the game to feel
American Truck Simulator: California - Many Projects, One Goal
26 January 2016
We are working hard on American Truck Simulator: California, fine-tuning it and polishing the content and features. You may have seen glimpses of the locations already before in our earlier blog
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