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PETERBILT 352 + Interior v1.0 Reworked by CyrusTheVirus (1.35.x)

27-06-2019, 11:53
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PETERBILT 352 + Interior v1.0 Reworked by CyrusTheVirus (1.35.x)
Category - Peterbilt
Game Version - v1.35.x

Description about PETERBILT 352 + Interior v1.0 Reworked by CyrusTheVirus (1.35.x):

Download mod truck PETERBILT 352 + Interior v1.0 Reworked by CyrusTheVirus (1.35.x) for ATS | American Truck Simulator game.

Features truck PETERBILT 352:
- independent truck model
- hiqh quality 3D model
- hiqh quality detailed exterior
- hiqh quality detailed interior
- the model has own interior
- the model has own sound
- the model has own wheels
- present the illumination of arrow speedometer and tachometer
- the character is correctly sitting in the driver's seat cabin
- the choice of chassis
- the choice of power engine
- the choice of transmission, gearbox
- the choice of cabins
- the choice of interiors
- the choice of wheels configuration
- the choice of color body / metallic paints / skins
- correct position of the Peterbilt logo
- Working headlights, brake lights, tail lights, front and rear turn signals, steering wheel and reverse signals;
- The correct position of the player
– interior accesories configuration
– There are external tuning
- SiSL accesories interior support
- Cables trailer support
- Supports all major functions of the game
- buy from Peterbilt dealer

Reworked by CyrusTheVirus:
  • Adaptation to ATS 1.35.x game version.
  • Totally reworked.
  • Updated wiper modes.
  • DLC cabin accessories & SiSL Megapack addon included.
  • You need SiS'L megapack to have all the cabin accessories available.
Tested on game version 1.35.x

PETERBILT 352 + Interior v1.0 Reworked by CyrusTheVirus (1.35.x) PETERBILT 352 + Interior v1.0 Reworked by CyrusTheVirus (1.35.x) PETERBILT 352 + Interior v1.0 Reworked by CyrusTheVirus (1.35.x)

How to install mods?

- Download the mod from our server or from external links;

- Extract it with Winrar or Winzip program;

- Copy files with extension .scs file(s) into your My Documents/American Truck Simulator/mod folder;

- Run game ~> Edit profile ~> Enable mod.

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  1. George
    | № 1| | Guests| 27 June 2019 22:31
    + 0-

    This mod cant even be extracted. It is downloaded as a corrupt file. Also firefox says something about a virus or malware detected. Classic shady cyrus work, again. Dunno wth he did on the file.

    1. admin


      | № 2| | Administrators| 27 June 2019 23:48
      + -1-

      You don't need to extract nothing, mod have extension .scs

      Just download from and enjoy the mod.


      Best regards!

      1. George
        | № 3| | Guests| 5 July 2019 20:11
        + -1-

        I dont download any mod that cant be extracted sorry. Because for a start, good modders never EVER do things like what cyrus does. I like to have a look at the mod so i can tweak some textures to adapt em to my lower system specs, and tweak things like unlock levels and prices. If i cant do anything of this, sorry that mod is garbaje to me. And again, FIREFOX will NOT download the file. It will download it corrupt, because it detects malware on it. This never EVER happened to me lol, only when i downloaded this mod (and ive been using mods since i can remember) so, no thanks, its no a trusted mod for me.

        1. admin


          | № 4| | Administrators| 6 July 2019 12:20
          + 0-

          And where did u see this mod archived? it have extension .scs, no need to be extracted.


          Sharemods ATS mod 

  2. djp
    | № 5| | Guests| 3 July 2019 17:46
    + -1-

    great truck, any chance it getting into ATS workshop ?

    1. admin


      | № 6| | Administrators| 4 July 2019 00:01
      + 0-

      CyrusTheVirus does not use workshop for his files, just external links.


      Best regards!