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Realistic Roads v1.7 for Ats

17-11-2017, 12:13
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Realistic Roads v1.7 for Ats
Category - Graphics - Environments
Game Version - v1.28.x, v1.29.x
Credits: - slavsan93

Description about Realistic Roads v1.7 for Ats:

Realistic Roads v1.7 for Ats 1.28-1.29 game versions

*Compatible with "New Mexico DLC"

This mod replaces textures for the roads around the map of ATS.
If you like taking cool pictures and want to take a fresh look at the world of ATS, then this mod is for you!
Most of the road textures are new and are made based on the real world pictures.
FYI: the screenshots for this mod have been taken without graphics mods, brightness set on 40%
and Color Correction turned off. Alongside with my other mods:
Enhanced Vegetation and New Mountain Textures.

New version 1.7:
– Dark gray asphalt (new texture)
– Dark gray asphalt with minor lengthwise cracks (reworked)
– Gray – dark gray asphalt (2 versions, new texture)
– Dusty brown old asphalt (new texture)
– Dusty brown old asphalt with cracks (new texture)
– Light gray asphalt with patched cracks (reworked)
– Two new textures for sidewalks
– Reworked textures for road shoulders
– Some other texture corrections

In previous version:
– New, reworked textures for all roads in the game, with different kinds of asphalt
– Dark gray asphalt (reworked default texture, sharpened and darkened)
– Dark gray asphalt with minor lengthwise cracks (reworked default texture, sharpened and darkened)
– Dark gray asphalt with semi-worn pavement (new texture)
– Gray, worn, good quality pavement (new texture)
– Semi-worn gray asphalt (new texture)
– Light gray, high quality pavement (new texture)
– Light gray pavement with minor lengthwise cracks (new texture)
– Light gray pavement with a lot of patched cracks (new textrure)
– Three kinds of bright tile concrete pavement for highways and bridges (completely reworked default textures)
– Concrete pavement for narrow roads (reworked default texture)
– Dusty roads with minor cracks (reworked default texture)
– Road lines are sharpened and saturated
– Some other minor road texture corrections

Works with map mods.
Tested on ATS version 1.28 and v1.29
Realistic Roads v1.7 for Ats

How to install mods?

- Download the mod from our server or from external links;

- Extract it with Winrar or Winzip program;

- Copy files with extension .scs file(s) into your My Documents/American Truck Simulator/mod folder;

- Run game ~> Edit profile ~> Enable mod.

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