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Peterbilt 389 + Interior v3.0 Edited by True Arts Modding (v1.3.x)

10-08-2016, 13:18
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Peterbilt 389 + Interior v3.0 Edited by True Arts Modding (v1.3.x)

Description about Peterbilt 389 + Interior v3.0 Edited by True Arts Modding (v1.3.x):

Peterbilt 389 + Interior v3.0 Edited by True Arts Modding for American Truck Simulator game.

This new update brings improvements and changes from the previous version (previous version: Modified Peterbilt 389 ATS V2.0 BETA) some of which are as follows:
Changes in v3.0:
- Added new panels fireplace
- Added new exhaust
Added new shifter
Added new defenses
Added pedals customizeds
Added new visors
- Added new skirts
- Added realistic prices for new parts
- Other improvements added

In this new update customization options they have not changed much and are:

6 designs cabin to choose: 36 Inch Sleeper, Sleeper 63 Inch, 63 Inch High Roof Sleeper, 72 Inch Sleeper Ultracab Unibuilt, Daycab and Daycab High Roof
12 chassis designs to choose from: 6x4, 6x4 Long, Long Lowered 6x4, 6x4 Lowered, 8x4, 8x4 Long, Long Lowered 8x4, 8x4 Lowered, 8x4 Steer, Steer Long 8x4, 8x4 and 8x4 Steer Steer Long Lowered Lowered
43 engine models to choose from, including 11 engines are model Caterpillar (CAT C15 and Cat 3406), 11 are Cummins (ISX15, ISX Signature and N14), motors 14 are Detroit Diesel (Detroit Diesel Series 60 and DD 6V) and 7 are PACCAR (PACCAR MX-13) engines with different power ranging from 250 hp to 840 hp
7 boxes of transmissions to choose from 6,10,13 and 18 gears with and without retarder
Black (4-spoke, Classic, Normal and Retro) Blue (4-spoke, Classic, Normal and Retro), Gray (4-spoke, Classic, Normal and Retro), Green: 24 interior to choose divided into 6 color designs (4-spoke, Classic, Normal and Retro), Red (4-spoke, Classic, Normal and Retro) and Tan (4-spoke, Classic, Normal and Retro)
Some accessories to customize the look of the truck (mirrors, wheels, tires, skins, chassis paint, etc.)

Builder by Ivan (Haulin)
Import ATS/GTS and building : Kenworth58(2)
GTS import: IljaxasParts : Ivan, Superman, Classick, Bayonett, Artic Wolf, Cedric, Peter379, Colonel, Dylan, Matt, Steve, Bora, Rowan, Sascha, Chris, maxx2504, Fabio Contier, Ventures87 (Wendi), RBR-DUK, Jon, Deadman, Colonel,AMT
Convert to ETS 2: "dmitry68", "Stas556"
Sounds: KriechbaumTechnical 
Support: SolutechModified by : maxx2504, ED101, Kriechbaum, V2obert, viper2,

     Game version: American Truck Simulator v.1.3.xx or higher
     Maps: Original American Truck Simulator map, any map adaprtado to version 1.3 (eg 1.3.2 ATS MHAPro map by MsHeavyAlex)

Tested on game version 1.3.x

Peterbilt 389 + Interior v3.0 Edited by True Arts Modding (v1.3.x) Peterbilt 389 + Interior v3.0 Edited by True Arts Modding (v1.3.x) Peterbilt 389 + Interior v3.0 Edited by True Arts Modding (v1.3.x)

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- Download the mod from our server or from external links;

- Extract it with Winrar or Winzip program;

- Copy files with extension .scs file(s) into your My Documents/American Truck Simulator/mod folder;

- Run game ~> Edit profile ~> Enable mod.

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